Saturday, January 29, 2011

Charlie Finch's All-Time Tennis Top 10

Famed New York art critic Charlie Finch from Artnet  sent me his all-time tennis top 10:

1) ARTHUR ASHE   During the 60s I had a pal named Betsy who had an affair with Arthur Ashe. During sex, Betsy would look up at Ashe and comment, "Arthur, you are the dullest fuck I have ever had."  2) DON BUDGE  The old amateur circuit had alot of under-the-table money. Budge made a fortune investing it in the Budge-Shields Laundry Service with Brooke Shields' father, the great doubles player Frank Shields. The "Budge-Shields" trucks were ubiquitous  in Manhattan when I was growing up in the 50s  3) HAM RICHARDSON  I played the Jersey Junior Circuit as a teenager, even won a few tournaments. I would go up to South Amboy for the grass play, where I met Billie Jean Moffitt (soon to be "King") in 1964. The players would stay in the homes of the local swells, who singled out the ranked player Ham Richardson for having the worst B.O.  4) PANCHO GONZALES  The greatest player I ever saw, no one had more heart, and I saw him in his 40s. Check him out on YouTube, you won't be disappointed  5) FRANCOISE DURR  I saw the French sexpot play on the old Forest Hills grass many time. With her short dresses and no underwear, you could see all the way to China  6) WILMER ALLISON  In 1934, my father, then 14, ran into Allison on Park Avenue the night before the U.S. Open finals and urged him to victory. Allison won. 7) JOHN McENROE  A friend of mine and my first wife's favorite player. I danced with HIS first wife, Tatum O'Neal, at the Puck Building in 1995 (to Yannick Noah's band). Sexiest woman I have ever seen or touched. Jamie Lee Curtis is number two 8) ROD LAVER Speaking of sexy women, I spent half an hour making out with my girlfriend Helena in 1965 at MSG, while watching Laver, high on uppers, crush Andres Gimeno, 6-0, 6-0, losing three points in the match 9) NANCY RICHEY  Billie Jean Kin's greatest rival, now completely forgotten. Her mannish outfits and crisp hats could make Navritalova drool, and her brother Cliff was a ranked star for years 10) BOBBY RIGGS I won $500 on Billie Jean King, at Yale, when she whipped the urhustler in Houston in 1973. Thanks, chump!

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