Monday, February 7, 2011

Republicans '12 Panic: Run Another Bush

The National Review is all gaga over the accomplishments of Jeb Bush in its latest issue.  This is a trial  balloon for a possible Bush run for president in 2012, though Jeb has stated that he is not running in '12 but would consider 2016.  That any sane person would even think of foisting another mediocrity named Bush on the the United States or the world seems like a sick joke.

But in wingnut land, it's anything but a joke.  It speaks to the sheer Republican establishment panic at handing President Obama an easy victory in '12 if they run any of the current crop of prospective candidates.  But Jeb Bush?

I mean, I realize he was the anointed one by Poppy and Ma Barker herself  until Karl Rove fucked everything up by creating W, but that's just it.  W ruined it for ALL Bushes.  That's the way it goes. Do you think the Hitler's had a future in German politics?  

But here's the king of all right-wing dorks, Rich Lowry going on about Jeb today:
In 2008, Jeb’s association with his brother would have been an absolute killer. That’s not true anymore. The controversies that made the Bush years so venomous have faded, and — partly through the miracle of the accelerated news cycle — 2000–2008 already feels somewhat distant.

Yes, Richie all those pesky controversies have faded--no more wars in Afghanistan, Iraq,  economic hardship, a packed right-wing Supreme Court--if you haven't noticed all gone. To even consider another Bush is almost conceding that we are a banana republic and that the talent pool ended with the amazing, spectacular Bush dynasty.  After Senator Prescott Bush came his special son Poppy;  a company kiss-ass who never had an original idea in his entire life and feckless one-term president.  One of the best things you can say about the Reagan's is that they treated these Bush bluebloods like shit during Reagan's term.  Ma Barker is still miffed by that.  Then came his truly ungifted son W,  whose 8 year presidency left this country is ruins. W. had the special touch for utter disaster.

After all that, we are asked to consider Jeb?  Is that all the talent in the Republican party?  My goodness, on principle as the purported longest running democracy Jeb would have to be
rejected.  Why do you think so many of us didn't want Mrs. Clinton? 
But these are Republicans and they like all that dynastic stuff.  They lap it up.  Who do you think will be watching the royal wedding in London later this year?  Not the lefties.  

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