Tuesday, December 6, 2011


OSHA Green &  Orange 1994 raw canvas, stainless steel, poly-vinyl over wood, enamel on stainless steel  60 x 91 x 3” (7 panels)

While putting some work in storage the other day I came upon this painting from the 1990s.  I opened up the box and though it had been in a couple of shows including a solo show at Steffany Martz in 1995, it still looked very fresh. Quite an interesting work for a twenty-something to have made in New York at the height of the Identity Art craze of the 90s, albeit perhaps not the shrewdest move. Someone once said that history is a formalist. I hung it up in my apartment.  www.maxestenger.com


  1. Very, very nice mixture of gloss and matte in this painting.

    I've been using the OSHA colors as inspiration for the last couple years. Largely because I hate the task of choosing one color over another, so the OSHA colors simplify that problem.

  2. Thanks....I'd like to see what your OSHA paintings look like.