Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bush & Cheney's Mayhem Comes Home

The catastrophe that was the 8 years of the Bush/Cheney regime will have repercussions for decades to come.   We have seen what 8 years of conservative governance wrought and yet Republican candidates still go around proclaiming their faithfulness to "Conservatism."  Remember, Conservatism never fails, it is mortal men who fail conservatism.  President Obama will be re-elected.  He has been a very good president and the best president this country has had in 50 years.  (Although I always consider Alex Cockburn's belief that Gerald R. Ford is the best president of the 20th Century since in his short term he did the least damage),

It still puzzles how George W. Bush was re-elected.  We know he stole his first term through a coup d'etat by the Supreme Court and the feckless Al Gore, but 2004 still confounds.  Bush/Cheney were the hapless duo that sat passively and negligently by as this country was attacked, humilated and humbled on 9/11.  Never has a country been so starkly denuded and brought to its knees than the United States was by Bush/Cheney incompetence on 9/11.  Imagine that had happened to Obama?  The right-wing double standard fails to surprise.  
The Democratic Party gave Bush/Cheney a pass on 9/11 and the results were the election of 2004.  Think the Republicans gave Obama a pass on the atrocious economy he inherited from Bush?  

Besides their incompetence leading to 9/11, Bush/Cheney's war in Iraq did not just cause needless mayhem in Iraq.  (Oh and by the way, is there nothing more humiliating than going to war to remove weapons of mass destruction only to find out there were no weapons of mass destruction?) Cheney and Bush should still be in prison for their crimes against the Iraqi people.  But their crimes against Americans continue on a daily basis.  No, I'm not referring to the economy.   I am referring to the thousands of soldiers who have come back from Iraq (the lucky ones who came back alive and physically fit, but mentally troubled) to kill and injure innocent Americans.  Not a week goes by without a story of an Iraqi war vet killing someone.  In the past two weeks we had a vet in Washington State killing a park ranger and before that killing he is supsected of killing others.   Yesterday in southern California, a 23 year-old vet is the alleged serial killer responsible for the killing of 4 men over the past 10 months.

I hope that a census can be kept on the murder rate among Iraqi war vets to have empirical evidence on yet another great conservative legacy of Bush & Cheney--the one celebrated by the vile Liz Cheney on Fox News.  Interestingly, the one name that dares not speak it's name on the Republican campaign trail is Bush.  You would never know that from 2001-2009 a Republican conservative named George Bush had been president.  You would think that Ronald Reagan had been the last Republican president.

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