Monday, October 22, 2012

15 days to go...........

The long campaign is almost over.  Tonight's foreign policy debate is the third and final debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney and will be in Boca Raton.  The race is very close with a slight edge to the president in the electoral college.  Anything can happen however at this stage including events beyond both candidates' control. 

There's a story circulating in right wing blogs that Gloria Allred the feminist attorney has some dirt on Romney that will prove damaging.  She has neither confirmed nor denied the story but has said she does not discuss her conversations with "clients".  If it's the stuff regarding Romney's leadership in the Mormon Church and his counseling women on abortion then I don 't think there's much there.  But if its an allegation about harrasssment, or an affair with proof (letters, emails, recordings, DNA) then Romney will be in deep trouble.  But we have no idea if there's anything to any of this.  Of course there's always a sympthaty backlash if it turns out to be real.  Bush's last weekend of the campaign in 2000 drunk driving revelation hurt him considerably.

In the meantime, both the Biden debate and the town hall debate in Long Island stopped the Obama slide and another convincing victory tonight will put Obama in the dominant position going into the final weeks.  What must the President do tonight? He must remind the voters that he has kept this country safe from attack, he has ended the war in Iraq and has an exit strategy for Afghanistan and that he has repaired this country's relationship with the world.  He must also DISQUALIFY Romney as as serious commander-in-chief.  He must tar him with the Bush Neo-Con label.  Point to his support for the Iraq war,  his campaign staffing with 17 of his 23 top foreign policy advisors Bush/Cheney retreads.  The last thing Americans want is anolther neo-con regime.  Even Daniel Ellsberg is supporting Obama this time, such is the necessity of  defeating the right wing in the United States.

Romney has proven throughout this campaign (and his entire political career) that expediency is his only ideology.  He is a liar and an empty suit--with apolgies to empty suits everywhere.   This is not leadership.  He was able to rescue his campaign with one great night in debate 1, but in 2 Obama bested him decisively and tonight the Obama has a chance to knock him out.  

This is one of those epochal elections.  If Obama wins, the bitterness and recriminations on the right will last a long time.  If he loses the same will happen on the Democratic side but less so.  The most dissapointing election I have ever witnessed was Bush's reelection in 2004.  He deserved to be a one-term president.  We are still recovering from the Bush/Cheney catastrophe.  Romn ey would be just as bad.  I want the right to feel just as hopeless and empty and devastated on November 7 as many of us felt in 2004.  I want them 
to eat shit.

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