Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Introductions at Trestle Gallery

The Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn opened a month-long group exhibition last Friday, entitled Introductions.  There was the usual assortment of the good, the bad and the ugly in this show of emerging artists  but two of the good included Ian Carr and Denise Treizman.

Carr was represented by two works, the best of which was his floor painting/sculpture E for Holt Quentel. Carr painted  a canvas of a distressed letter "E" and stretched it over a pallet which is bulging out from underneath. The work is an homage to the artist Holt Quentel. 

According to Carr:
"I came across a couple of old exhibition catalogs of her's from two shows she had a Stux gallery, somewhere between 1989-92. I was so impressed by her work, I didn't understand whyI hadn't heard of her before. The last work I found she made was in 1998 I think. I guess she just stopped making art, which is such a hard idea to understand, that someone who is dedicated to art could just stop. Anyways the "E" work is really just my way of saying thanks to her, as well as a sort of ode."

Denise Treizman had two wonderful pieces.  A mixed media packing material foam wall work and a floor scatter piece of blinds.

Both of her works use everyday ephermeral materials--tape, packing material--and transform them into wry, and sensual sculptures. The Chilean born Treizman came to New York to study at SVA and like Carr it will be interesting to see future works. Introductions at Trestle Gallery runs through February 14. http://www.trestlegallery.org/

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