Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chelsea Roundup: Abstraction Reigns

The last few weeks in Chelsea saw some really good painting exhibitions particularly of a non-representational bent. Ad Reinhardt's exhibition at Zwirner put the gallery on the same plane as Gagosian's museum-like extravaganzas. But most of the good stuff was located at galleries that are anything but trendy and are showing very good work.
William Bradley had a good show at Galerie Richard while below Stephen Westfall at Lennon, Weinberg had one of the most sensational exhibitions of his career.

Stephen Haller had a wonderful exhibition of Johnnie Winona Ross' paintings.
While the real estate boom in Chelsea and New York in general continues. This is right on 21st street.

Elsewhere the behemoths by Serra are beginning to grow tiresome and it was nice to close off my day with some very good paintings at Nancy Hoffman by Purdy Eaton.