Thursday, November 29, 2012

Schadenfreude: It Only Gets Better!

It's now been over three weeks since President Barack Obama's decisive victory over Mitt Romney and the army of Right Wing haters.  Never have so many failed so miserably.  And fail they did on Novemeber 6--from the filthy greedy plutocrats,  to the religious right,  to the Tea Party phonies unhinged by a liberal president of color.

The delusion about what happened continues. They think they just have to run a right wing Latino like Marco Rubio and all will be fine.  For the right wing in America, their small minded philosophy of conservatism never fails, it is mortal men that fail it.  Conservatism has always been with us--to oppose freedom for blacks, workers, women, immigrants, gays et al.  It's always there with its boot on the necks of the underclass; its always at the ready to do the bidding of the rich and powerful.  On November 6, 2012 a huge majority for these polarized times told the right wing and its minions to go fuck itself.

Of course, when you are funded by billionaires the threat is always omnipresent especially in off-year elections.  But liberalism triumphed on Novemeber 6 in a way it had not since November 1964 when LBJ destroyed Goldwater.  That is why the wingnuts are devastated.  They know what happened a few weeks ago.  They can blame all the poor people and welfare grabbing moochers all they want--except when its pointed out that the only age group Romney carried contained most of his government dependent  47%--the over 65 crowd.

The wingnuts hate Obama and hate liberal America and want it to fail. That's how they think.  They are tribal, they are insular and they are still in shock.  They are still unskewing Nate Silvers polls.  Right now, they are still counting votes nearly a month afte rthe election. Obama is at 51% of the vote and Romney is slipping at close to 47%., and the votes from California keep coming.   Watching them suffer is as great a pleasure and one can imagine.

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