Sunday, February 23, 2014

Max Estenger New Paintings March 6- March 29

March 6-March 29, 2014

Red and Yellow, 2013, oil-based spray paint on stainless steel; raw 
canvas, poly-vinyl over wood,
stainless steel, 36 x 81 inches (7 panels)
John Molloy Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition
of new paintings by New York based artist Max Estenger, from
March 6 through March 29, 2014.  Estenger has been working
with his particular language of non-representational art for the 
past two decades.

In this exhibition, Estenger continues his exploration of 
disparate materials – raw canvas, clear poly-vinyl, aluminum
and wood panels – to create multi-paneled, spray-painted 
works of art.  The new paintings show an obvious refinement 
of Estenger’s process, as well as an unusual dedication to the 
formal strictures within which he has chosen to operate. The 
resulting  interplay of surface, structure and color presents
new formal and conceptual possibilities for abstract painting. 

A fully-illustrated 28 page catalogue will be available in both 

book and digital format as of February 22.

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