Sunday, May 11, 2014

Peter Blake Gallery at Downtown Fair, 25th Street Armory

At most art fairs, one is usually fortunate to discover a few good, unfamiliar artists. It is even rarer to discover an entire unfamiliar gallery that delivers the goods. Peter Blake's booth at the Downtown Fair this weekend was a revelation to many of us in New York. Part of the reason is that this is the first time since he opened his Southern California gallery in 1993, he has participated in an art fair in New York. His gallery presents a coherent artistic and curatorial vision and his booth reinforces this by its meticulous and carefully calibrated installation. It is a breath of fresh air here in New York.

His booth features the work of both California and New York artists--including Don Voisine, 2014 Whitney Biennialist Matthew Deleget, John Zinsser, Jon Maarten Voskuil, Stephanie Bachiero, Matt McClune, Maria Elena Gonzalez, and Scot Heywood among others. And judging from the red dots all over the place at Blake's it seems as though collectors have embraced his vision.
Jon Maarten Voskuill
Scot Heywood
Stephanie Bachiero
I will be in Southern California in July and look forward to going down to see the gallery in Laguna Beach where judging from photos it is a spectacular exhibition space. In the meantime, go check out the booth today and one hopes that Peter Blake's wonderful gallery will be back in NYC more frequently.  Hat tip to LA Gallerist Mat Gleason at Coagula Curatorial for recommending  Peter Blake. Mat's Coagaula Curatorial is here in town at both the Pulse and Downtown fair.
Don Voisine

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