Saturday, February 18, 2017

Max Estenger 1991-2016 Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson February 13-May 29, 2016

I had the honor of having a mid-career survey at the The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson in their Great Hall (the former headquarters for the Tuscon Fire Department). It was one of the greatest experiences of my life--from my 9 day residency and install, to my talk, to the opening reception to the exhibition itself. Best of all was working with the Museum staff on all the different facets of the show. It is a remarkable place and I am most grateful to the incomparable Jocko Weyland who curated the show and wrote a great catalogue essay and the amazing graciousness of the Director of the Museum Board Courtney Johnson.  

Catalog is available from MOCA Tucson. Here is a pdf:
file:///Users/admin/Desktop/mocaflipbook.pdf (cut and paste into browser)

Yellow and White (1987) Acrylic on canvas 60.5 x 27" (five panels)

Red (1989) Acylic on canvas 40 x 40" (four panels)
Black See-Through Painting (1991) Polyvinyl over wood; acrylic on canvas 70 x 70" (four panels) 

Unpainting #4 (1993) Polyvinyl over wood, stainless steel, raw canvas 85 x 40" (three panels)
OSHA Green and Orange (1994) Oil enamel on stainless steel; polyvinyl over wood, raw canvas 60 x 91" (seven panels)

Perfect Night (1997) Wood, oil enamel on steel, plexiglass 8 x 168 x 12"

White (2001) Oil enamel on polyvinyl; raw Belgian linen 29.3 x 84" (five panels)

Untitled (2006/2007) Sheetrock, plaster, enamel on plexiglass 27 x 36 x 28" 

Twenty Four (2007) Acrylic on canvas 40 x 130.5" 

Black and Yellow (2014) Oil-based spray paint on stainless steel and raw canvas; polyvinyl over wood 67 x 30" (three panels)

Black and White (2015) Oil enamel on stainless steel, oil-based spray paint on polyvinyl; raw canvas 72 x 228" (six panels)

Red (2016) Oil-based spray paint on wood panel; stainless steel and raw canvas 120 x 48" (seven panels)

Booth (2016) Sheetrock, plaster, oil enamel on stainless steel; polyvinyl over wood

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